Top 16 Benefits of Green Tea

Top 16 Benefits of Green Tea

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Top 16 Benefits of Green Tea
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Top Benefits of Green Tea


Some of the food items and beverages that are available in the local stores provide you with plenty of amazing health gains. When you carry out physical workouts at any gym and include healthy food items in your daily menu, you will be able to stay healthy. One such item that is easily available at the local stores is green tea. Tea is a wonderful beverage that is quite popular in many countries. Green tea is a beverage that quenches your thirst and also provides you with stunning health benefits.


Green tea has been around for centuries. For over 4000 years, Asians have been using green tea for its medicinal properties like headache, depression, wound treatment, etc. Compared to other food or drinks, it has been proven that it has the most health benefits. It has been used many times as a common multipurpose cure for many ailments. It’s for this reason that most Asians relish drinking this healthy tea. It has been part of their everyday life and is an integral part of their tradition.


Recently, western countries have looked into this healthy tea for its medicinal value as well. Now, as more studies are done, there are more and more health benefits discovered from green tea. It has been termed all over the world now as the miracle health drink.





16 of the top benefits of drinking Green Tea

  • Weight Loss

Green tea is one of the best options for weight loss. When you drink this beverage, the fat oxidation will become remarkably high and this will help in burning calories. It does a lot of things to eliminate excess fat and to keep your body in sound shape. Avoid other beverages and choose green tea instead because it will provide you with much assistance in reducing body mass within a short period of time.



  • Heart ailmentsheart_green

When you drink green tea regularly, you can reduce the threats of stroke and heart ailments. You might use the treadmills and other cardio facilities at a fitness centre on a regular basis in order to keep your heart healthy. Well, including green tea in your daily diet will add to the aid provided by the cardio equipment in helping you live a healthy life. The green tea will make the blood vessels stronger and this will help in surviving fluctuations in blood levels easily. It will also eliminate the factors that lead to blood clots; these will help to avoid cardiac arrests.


  • Diabetes

Green tea has the capability of controlling the glucose levels in the blood. This will help to regulate the level of sugar in the blood, especially after meals. When the blood sugar levels are optimized, you will be able to keep off insulin injections. Therefore, make it a point to consume at least a couple of glasses of green tea on a daily basis.



  • Cholesterol

The good cholesterol and bad cholesterol levels will be optimized by this beverage. It will increase the good cholesterol levels and reduce the bad ones. You will, therefore, be able to shun many diseases and stay healthy when you take a cup of green tea every day.


  • Skincareskincare

The antioxidant property is also one of the Benefits of Green tea. Through this, green tea is able to care for your skin in several ways. The development of wrinkles would too be minimized by this tea. The aging signs will also disappear when you consume green tea regularly. It can even protect the skin from sunburns.



  • Natural anti-ageing

Do you want to always look younger than you actually are? Green tea extract naturally supports youthful vitality. There are even strong evidences that green tea extract supplements prevent early signs of ageing.


  • Energy booster

The increase in the body’s metabolic rate efficiently produces more energy from foods. However, The energy enhancing benefits of green tea extract are beneficial for people suffering from occasional fatigue and even chronic fatigue syndrome


  • Ant-carcinogenic

Green tea offers maximum defense to the cell’s DNA to prevent some forms of cancer like that affecting the esophagus and prostate gland.


  • Oral caresmile_face

Catechins in Green tea are clinically suggested to destroy the bacteria that often cause dental caries, tooth decay, and some throat infections.


  • Positive stimulant

Green tea acts as a positive stimulant. It has caffeine which stimulates every organ in the body. Caffeine will help to awaken your mind and help you function with clarity. Caffeine also has a powerful effect on the central nervous system.


  • Combating food poisoning

This tea can combat food poisoning. Catechin is an extremely effective sterilizing agent for many types of bacteria that cause food poisoning. This tea is normally recommended in the treatment of diarrhea.


  • Fighting viruses

This tea can assist in fighting viruses. The aflavin and catechin present in green tea are very effective in the suppression of influenza. The catechin in green tea deactivates the influenza virus.


  • Improvement in functioning of brain

There are reports that link the use of green tea with smarter brain functioning and better concentration as well. When you drink ample green tea, it will trigger the right receptors and it can be of help in improving memory, attention, moods and how you react to different situations as well.


  • Prevents rheumatism and Ostheoporosis on eldersOstheoporosis


It has been helpful for rheumatoid arthritis as shown in various studies. It not only delays and prevents the onset of rheumatism but the antioxidant properties found in green tea helps reduce the inflammation of the joints thus relieving some of the pain.


  • Protects the liver

This health drink can remove toxins from the body. The toxins are the harmful substances found in the air, the food we ingest and the alcohol consumed and from cigarette smoke. The liver filters these harmful substances in our body. The high level of antioxidants found in green tea helps increase metabolism and the defense system in the body which is directly responsible for the filtering function of the liver.

  • Overall health

When you take green tea on a regular basis, you will be able to keep your bones strong. The anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties of green tea will keep away the risk of fractures. The bone producing cells will be more active when you have a cup of green tea during and after your regular workouts at a fitness gym or along with the interim snacks that you have in between meals. The beverage will also keep your gums strong and avoid the risk of tooth loss.



In conclusion, many people are beginning to embrace the many wonderful benefits of adding this tea to their diet. Do not be left behind. The many benefits of drinking green tea will help you maintain good health.

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